Are you looking for new ways to generate leads and support your sales growth? 


Cobalto Digital Advertising is different in that we specialize in driving consumer actions, whether is it filling out a contact form, calling your call center for more information or generating a visit to your store. In other words, generating conversions lower in the sales funnel. We use an iterative test and learn approach: our proven “champion-challenger” ad buying and analytics process. We constantly look for the most efficient (champion) digital strategy (segments, message, media) for your product.


Targeted, measurable and cost-effective


Generate conversions


Audience optimization



Cobalto Digital Advertising services include developing personalized creative that converts, selecting targeted audiences in platforms like Facebook and Google and using advanced analytics to optimize your campaigns. 

  • Digital Strategy
  • Campaign planning
  • Media placement and buying
  • Audience targeting with advanced segmentation techniques
  • Copy and artwork development
  • Results monitoring
  • Campaign analytics

Ready to optimize your digital advertising efforts and get more sales?