Generate leads and sales with marketing THAT IS relevant, measurable and cost effective



Optimized multi-channel digital and direct marketing campaigns


High-converting landing pages and lead generating digital apps


Monitoring of telemarketing and other sales channels to ensure maximum performance across the entire sales process


Champion-Challenger methodology to tune campaign efficiency and response



  • Optimize your marketing based on business metrics like cost per sale

  • Create a healthy sales funnel by building a strong in-house prospect list

  • Close more sales


WE combine OUR FOUR most popular marketing services into a complete sales optimization solution


Marketing Analytics

We combine analysis methods with a business and results-oriented viewpoint. Cobalto data scientists use digital analysis tools to build customer profiles and understand the ROI and effectiveness of marketing efforts, channels, and customer segments.


Digital Advertising

We specialize in generating conversions lower in the sales funnel using our proven “champion-challenger” approach. We work with highly segmented digital ad campaigns to find the best segments, message and media for your product or brand. 


Multi-Channel Marketing

We do not market to the masses, instead we combine segmentation and creative techniques to speak to each person. Services are online and offline direct communications that are relevant and personalized. 


Marketing Technology

We implement and manage CRM systems, which help manage the sales pipeline more effectively with better visibility of your customers and prospects. Cobalto team members work with you to find the right solution that fits your processes and budget.


Optimized Multi-Channel Marketing

  • Email

  • MMS and SMS

  • Direct Mail

  • Facebook Ads

  • Google Adwords

  • LInkedIn

  • Telemarketing


You know your digital can be more data-driven

Need more and higher quality leads? You may be getting lots of impressions, but are they converting to sales? Cobalto combines its four most popular services (Marketing Analytics, Direct Marketing, Digital Marketing and Marketing Technology) to provide you:


Right Person

Identify quality leads that convert more using our analytical tools


Right Message

Our personalized artwork and copy speaks one-to-one to people as individuals, not to the masses


Right Channels

Reach each segment where they will respond the most


Right Partner

Cobalto is passionate for growth. Let’s grow your sales and business together.

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Start getting more leads and converting more sales today. We can help! 

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