Where are most of your leads coming from? What messages are the most effective in generating traffic? Who in your customer list are the most likely to purchase your products?


Most businesses need to have better visibility and metrics to help them understand what marketing strategies are working and which ones are not. They need to transform data into insights and hone in their investment in efforts and segments that are the most profitable.

In the digital space, they need to understand who is visiting, what they are doing and what actions they take (conversions).

Cobalto Marketing Analytics services combine analysis methods with a business and results-oriented viewpoint. Cobalto data scientists set up and use digital analysis tools and predictive statistics to track individuals and their actions on your properties, target visitors, understand the ROI and effectiveness of marketing efforts, channels, and customer segments. 


Data Integration and Preparation


Application of Analytical Methods


Reporting and Presentations


Analysis into immediate action



  • Predicting most likely prospects
  • Response analysis
  • Channel optimization (improve sales or call center teams)
  • Churn (attrition) analysis

We are passionate about using analytics to optimize our customer’s marketing strategies and communication efforts. Let us show you why.