We combine data, segmentation and creative techniques to speak to each person


We do not use direct media to speak to masses. Cobalto Direct Marketing services are online and offline direct communications that are relevant and personalized.

Media includes traditional mail as well as email and SMS and custom audiences in digital platforms such as Facebook and Google. We use advanced analytics to understand effort performance and best responding segments and offers. 

Our iterative test and learn and “champion-challenger” approach identifies the best strategy for each customer segment. Once we identify the best approach for your product or service, we put it to the test to uncover new, optimal strategies. We test copy, offers, formats, segments, etc.


Traditional Direct Mail





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Call Center Optimization



Cobalto Direct Marketing services are available for all stages of the consumer journey from identifying a lead to generating customer engagement and loyalty. 

  • Campaign planning
  • Audience targeting with advanced segmentation techniques
  • Campaign optimization
  • Copy and artwork development
  • Selection of best media: Traditional Mail, Email, SMS / MMS
  • HTML programming
  • Data setup
  • Reporting and analysis

Ready to increase your sales and customer retention with communications that are personalized, relevant, measurable and cost-effective?