Keep customers engaged throughout their journey

Automated communications that are personalized, at a massive scale

On-boarding, notifications, engagement, cross-selling campaigns and more


Automated SMS, emails and online surveys sent to your customers


Automated dashboard with campaign metrics


Runs on the Salesforce® platform with secure integration to channels


Why use marketing automation to retain customers?

  • Retain 5% of your customer base and grow revenues from 25 to 95%*

  • It costs 10 times more acquiring a new customer than keeping an existing one

  • Generate new business and maintain customer portfolio without additional personnel

  • Maintain continuous communication with your clients at exactly the right moment

  • See detailed results of your campaign communications immediately

        *Source: Bain and Company


Your company is growing and your customers are waiting to hear from you

If you don’t contact them, your competitors will. Cobalto offers managed Multi-Channel Marketing services. Packaged in one Retention Engine solution, Cobalto helps you:


Communicate with customers at the right time with the right message with data-driven marketing


Save the hassle of coordinating marketing, IT, ad agencies and tech implementers


Lower the total cost of ownership of your marketing technology by maximizing your IT and marketing investments


How it works

Cobalto experts work with you to understand your customer’s journey and the data that you have available.  Retention Engine runs on the Salesforce platform and we assist you in setting up the Salesforce environment. Working with your team, we create data-driven campaigns to create engagement. Once setup, the Retention Engine works without requiring any manual processes.


On a daily basis, customer data is updated in Salesforce.


Customer’s profiles and transactions are analyzed using business rules.


Campaigns are identified and triggered for customers who meet the criteria.


These communications are sent automatically via email or SMS text message.


If surveys are enabled, get immediate feedback and escalate negative responses to the appropriate area for quick action.


Communications are tracked in automated dashboards that present key performance indicators immediately.


Custom communications that fit your business process

  • Cross-sell offers
  • Birthday and other anniversary notifications
  • Many more
  • On-boarding communications
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Payment notifications


Retention Engine is a custom app built by Cobalto for the Salesforce platform. Cobalto’s experts install the app plug-in in your Salesforce product and configure available connections to email, SMS and on-line survey providers. To setup the app, existing Salesforce customers do not require additional Salesforce products. If you are new to Salesforce, Cobalto can help you get started quickly. 

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End-to-End managed engagement solution

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Faster implementation and ROI

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Great for pilot campaigns and proofs of concept

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